When reaching harvest size, the fish are processed into different products in a HACCP facility. The whole fish is used for products ranging from fresh fillets, canned products and smoked fillets to fishmeal and eather products.

What our product is all about...

• Biologically farmed under quarantine conditions compliant with European Standards

• Farmed in an environmentally friendly manner, with no impact on water and land resources

• No antibiotics

• No growth hormones

• Preservative free

• Salmonella free

• Firm and easy to work with for presentation

• Boneless Fillet

• Freezes well

• Long shelf life

• Versatile taste

• High Omega-3 with changed feeding strategies, low use of fishmeal resources

• High protein content

• Processed in a facility with strict adherence to HACCP Standards

• Attractively packaged

• Product is vacuum- packed fresh, oak-wood smoked, and steamed


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