Welcome to the Clarias group of companies


The Clarias group started its involvement in aquaculture in 1997 with a small research unit and launched the first super-intensive recirculating system in 2001. The system was imported from Germany and the first batch of 50 000 fry was imported from Holland. The system consists of 40 fiberglass tanks and 8 biological filters. The total volume is 300m3 with a production potential of 200-tons catfish per annum under high stocking densities.

An intensive hatchery was commissioned in 2002 to overcome problems with imports and to supply fingerlings to local farmers. The hatchery could produce about 8 million fry per year and supplied the demand of about 650 000 fingerlings to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nigeria in 2004.

Current Situation

Catfish Supreme produces about 160-tons annually but also purchase about 60-tons from other farmers. A second 200-ton intensive system was recently acquired and will be commissioned in the next 12 months to increase the company’s own production to 400-tons per annum. The company has lease agreements with 3 other farmers for their facilities with a total capacity of about 360-tons.

Processing is done in a leased facility in Pretoria. The product range includes smoked fillets, pickled fish and fresh fish. Product development was done in conjunction with the ICA (Institute of Culinary Arts) in Stellenbosch and a range of recipes for the fresh and smoked fish is available.

Recent upgrades to the hatchery increased the number of fry that could be supplied per year to 28 million

Structure and Management

The Managing Director is Johan Kooij (BSc Agric, Livestock science). The company has a close relationship with several leading Universities like Onderstepoort, University of Johannesburg and University of Limpopo.

The Clarias group operates in three divisions:
• Catfish Supreme (CS)
• Tamarron Trading (TT)
• Clarias Aquaculture Products (CAP)

Clarias Aquaculture Products is the marketing and promotion division with the main focus on:

• Product development
• Information distribution
• Awareness programs


Future plans

We see a huge potential in the development of intensive aquaculture in Africa. The Clarias group of companies is well established and with more than 10 years experience can play a major role in this development. The industry is still very small in South Africa but as a leader, we plan to expand in the following areas:

• Construction of a dedicated, HACCP approved, processing facility that can accommodate the fish from all producers.
• Increasing the production facilities to meet the required minimum volumes from Far-Eastern countries.
• Upgrade hatchery and broodstock facilities to increase the capacity of the genetic improvement unit to supply the best possible fish for grow-out purposes.
• Increase marketing efforts for products in South Africa and fingerlings throughout Africa.



The Clarias team